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For Recipients:

  • You may be unsubscribed from receiving business related ZotMails. To ensure that this is not the case, please verify your subscription via the My ZotMail link on the ZotMail Home Page.
  • The message that was sent may have been caught in any filters that you have set up in your email client. Check your email client rules list to ensure that they are not blocking the messages from your inbox, or redirecting them to another folder.
  • The message may have been considered SPAM by your mail server or by your email client. Please check your spam box to ensure that the message is not in there.
  • You may have saved the ZotMail email address as a personal contact in your email client’s address book. If the email address is saved in your contacts, please remove the saved contact. Contact OIT at (949) 824-2222 or oit@uci.edu for further assistance.

For Senders:

  • In order to send a message via the ZotMail system, you must be an authorized user who has been granted access by the office that manages messages coming from your department. This may be a Dean’s Office, Vice Chancellor’s Office, or the Chancellor’s Office. Please contact someone in the office that manages your department to request the message be sent through them.


Office of Information Technology
Contact the OIT Help Desk – (949) 824-2222 or oit@uci.edu
Irvine, CA 92697

Last Updated: July 2017

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