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For Recipients:

  • You may be unsubscribed from receiving the owner account that sent the message. Please verify your subscription via the Manage My ZotMail Subscription link on the ZotMail Home Page.
  • The message may have been caught in any filters you have set up in your email client. Check your email client rules list to ensure that they are not blocking the messages from your inbox, or redirecting them to another folder.
  • The message may have been considered SPAM by your mail server or by your email client. Please check your spam folder to ensure that the message is not there.
  • You may have saved the ZotMail email address as a personal contact in your email client’s address book. If the email address is saved in your contacts, please remove the saved contact.
  • Contact OIT at (949) 824-2222 or oit@uci.edu for further assistance.

  • Visit the View Archives link on the ZotMail home page. You can search for ZotMail messages based on a variety of search criteria including the date (or date range), sender name, subject or keywords. Senders have the option to not include a message in the Archive

  • Click the Manage My ZotMail Subscription link on the ZotMail System home page, logging in with your UCInetID and password. Once you have de-selected the accounts you wish to unsubscribe from, click “Submit”. You will still receive emergency messages and messages which are determined to be mandatory/compliance.

For Senders:

  • Please contact the person in your department who sends ZotMails. New authorized senders need direct authorization granted from the account owner.
  • If a sender becomes inactive, separated or terminated in UCPath, or transfers to a different department, the authorization process must happen again.

  • You must be an authorized sender to gain access to send a ZotMail message. If you wish to send a message, please contact your Dean or Vice Chancellor’s Office.
  • Ensure that you are logging in with your UCInetID and password.

  • To add an authorized sender, you must first be granted direct authorization from the account owner. This is typically your department’s Dean or Vice Chancellor. The email authorization must be sent to oit@uci.edu with ZotMail in the subject line.

  • You can send to a custom list (up to 10,000 email addresses per message).
  • You can send to a custom list AND any ZotMail recipient list at the same time.

  • The ZotMail HTML Editor is a tool that allows authorized ZotMail senders to create and edit ZotMail messages with ease. You can now insert images, weblinks, and videos directly into your ZotMail message!
    ZotMail HTML Editor Guide
  • UCI Strategic Communication has created email templates which are available in Cascade 8. If you need access to Cascade 8, send email to oit@uci.edu and include “requesting access to Cascade 8” in the subject line. Note: the templates are only available in Cascade 8.

  • When you click on Send New Message, the ZotMail account owner's name will appear in both the From and Custom Header fields. You can change the Custom Header as needed. ** For messages with multiple co-signors, we recommend you use a group name (up to 150 characters).

  • The recipient list for your ZotMail message is saved in the ZotMail system for 30 days after the message was sent. If you wish to keep the recipient list for more than 30 days, download and keep it on your local computer before the Recipients link is removed. If you didn’t save a recipient list and need it later, please send an email to oit@uci.edu with ZotMail in the subject line.


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